This menu is available in the Bar only.
*Items are $1 off during Happy Hour and are the only items available after 11pm.

Olive Tapanade Crostini*
Grilled bread points topped with an olive, tomato and garlic tapenade
( 4 )

Papatas Brava*
Fried potato wedges with spicy Brava sauce
( 5 )

Fish Tacos*
Grilled white fish, cabbage slaw and pico de gallo on corn tortillas
( 7 )

Arabian Chicken Meatballs*
Spiced ground chicken, walnut, raisin, and cilantro meatballs served with a cumin and fresh herb yogurt
( 7 )

Caesar Salad*
Romaine, house made dressing and croutons
( 9 )

Fried Cauliflower
Salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil
( 4 )

Fried Kefalotiri cheese spiced with a dash of cayenne and lemon

Lebanese Hummus
Served with spiced lamb and pita
( 10 )

Prawns Naseem
Tiger prawns in a sherry lemon butter sauce
( 11 )

Greek Burger
1/2 lb. of lamb topped with tzatziki and feta cheese, served on a house made bun, with fried potatoes
( 12 )

Cazuela Seafood Tapas
Clams, mussles, tiger prawns and fish du jour simmered in saffron parsley compound butter
( 14 )

Turkish Pita Pizza
Tomato sauce, Turkish spices, and Kefalotiri cheese
( 4 ) add lamb (+3)